Pacing, and Conquering the Second Mile

how to pace yourself in running

I’m right at the start of week 5 of training for my first half marathon, along with my friend/cheerleader Brandi. We’ve agreed to (try to) write one blog post about training, nutrition, fitness, running, etc. during the process. You can … Continue reading


My First Half: Week 3 of Training.

half marathon training

5 months ago, I was on medical hold from any physical activity beyond walking to-and-from places due to unexplained heart problems. The problems were resolved, and in January I was cleared to exercise again. (That story is a blog post … Continue reading


I deleted my Facebook app.

should i delete the facebook app

A few months ago, I had this (first world) problem where I would consistently run out of space on my phone. There are sentimental pictures I refuse to delete, yet I found myself having to clear out old photos to … Continue reading


Why I Run

why should i run

So, it’s week 2 of training for my first half marathon. If I tried to tell you it’s going well, I’d be lying. I’m bad at lying, so I’ll just lay it out there: I’m not good at running. And … Continue reading


Productivity is hard.

how to be productive

My personality is an odd-blend of a lackadaisical, roll-with-it attitude and a hyper-type A need to be on top of things. I can’t necessarily explain why some situations call for a drive to over-prepare and some call for little-to-no preparation … Continue reading


Conquer the day.

new years resolution 2015

I’m bad at mornings. And while many factors of my life can change depending on mood swings, mornings are something that I’m bad at all the time. All. The. Time. So, how do I combat it? Every morning, as I … Continue reading


What is it like to go viral?

what is it like to go viral

Some of the details are a bit hazy, since it was about three months ago. But, there was this one time that my blog went viral. I noticed a bump in visits one day. I thought it had something to … Continue reading


Christmas Shopping Personalities

types of christmas shopping

It’s here: the most wonderful time of the year. Both my apartment and my space at the office are decorated — I even have stockings over my fireplace like a self-respecting adult. (That’s a sign of having made it as … Continue reading


The Last Time I Held a Microphone

i'm so awkward

I’ve spoken in public many, many times. Countless, actually. I was a competitive speaker in high school and dabbled in it a bit in college. I’ve done theater. I’ve done several presentations at conferences and training events all over the … Continue reading


A girl and her shoes: a love story.

i love shoes

So, despite the fact that I tend to rotate between 3 different pairs of cowgirl boots 90% of the time, I actually own a lot of shoes. The vast majority of them are, in fact, boots. Then there’s my 4 … Continue reading