First things first…

I’m Kelly. Or, as I’m known at my current job, “Kelly the Intern.” We actually have customers who know me as Kelly the Intern. I’ve been talked about in blogs and podcasts as Kelly the Intern. The longer I work at building some career experience, the more I realize that being Kelly the Intern is actually a pretty huge part of me.

Of course, being in my field, writing a blog about it seemed fairly natural.

I’m an interactive media studies major. That means…well, it’s hard to explain. It pretty much means, right now, I’m a jack of all trades as far as creative marketing goes. I do video, print documents, some web editing, design, writing, and a bundle of other random tasks. I do the things that people appreciate, but don’t always realize actually need to be DONE. Unfortunately, at this state in my career, I’m okay at doing all of those things, but not overtly skilled at any. Oh, and I’m also minoring in English, because a designer who can write the document they’re drafting a layout for is a pretty valuable thing.

I’m at a crossroads. I have to start thinking about what I’m going to specialize in. This is scary and weird and not so warm-and-fuzzy when you think about it.

So, enter this blog. It’s going to be my sounding board. I’ll introduce you to my escapades as a college student, an intern, a woman, and a member of society.

And if you’re curious about the name, “Cheap Pizza” is in reverence to the food that’s kept me alive through the first year and a half of college. If it weren’t for great deals from Little Ceasar’s and Domino’s, I would have starved to death in my first semester.

I hope you enjoy a view from the eyes of an uncertain, relatively-poor, and professionally-developing college student.


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