Bunnies, Musicals, Packing, and Jargon

It’s official: I no longer raise rabbits.

The bunnies are still in my possession, yes, but thanks to a breeder in Indiana, and possibly one in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll be out of Mini Rex within the month. That means no more poop, no more food dust, no more major allergy attacks…it also means that another tie to childhood is severed, but I’m definitely more positive about it now.

Today is busy. I have some video to work on, and I’m leaving early. Why? Because my lovely boyfriend of 5 years surprised me with Jersey Boys tickets for Christmas. If you don’t know what Jersey Boys is, see more info here. I know, I don’t come off as be a theatre geek, but I am. I’m always up for a good musical.

Anyways, I’m excited and wanted to flaunt that a bit.

I start back to class in less than a week, so I’m starting to get into packing mode. I’m going back to school with more stuff than I came home with (which is terrifying, because I brought a LOT of stuff home with me…) so there’s a lot of…creativity…involved in packing. That, on top of work, on top of other obligations, makes for a busy Kelly.

SO, I’ve had another revelation regarding my industry. You know, this whole “creative media” thing. Whilst thrusting my random thoughts onto others via Twitter, I found myself impressed with my own array of jargon. I never thought of it that way, until someone asked me what an FTP was.

I know jargon. I’m an interactive media jargon master! This by no means makes me a master of anything other than words, but it kind of feels like a tiny milestone. I can hold a conversation with someone in my field, and know what the heck the random letters and abbreviations are.

“Can you encode the MOV’s into FLV’s and upload them to the FTP so I can apply them to the PHP?”

That sentence pretty closely matches the instructions I was given by my supervisor yesterday. Seriously. The most exciting thing is the fact that I knew exactly what he was talking about. Sure it was a long, tedious task full of waiting and rushing and waiting and more rushing…but I didn’t have to ask him what he was talking about. Spiffy, right?

I’m starting to make the observation that most milestones are small. A big project may come every now and then, but learning is a long process. You can’t really measure it, unless you’re doing so in life experience or time, and even then it’s an incomplete measurement. There’s no good way to look at what you’ve done over an internship and say that one single thing defined it. The experiences you gain are taken in small steps. Like, say…understanding what your boss is talking about when he uses very field-specific terms.

Yeah. Pretty much, I’m a rockstar of media jargon.


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