Interview! And Other Business.

That’s right. I scored an interview.

It’s exciting. Granted, it’s a 4-hour drive round-trip, but it’s worth it. One of the fringe benefits is that I’ll be in the same city where my boyfriend attends college, so I might get a date to Noodles & Company or Avanti’s after my interview. Wootwoot!

The internship I’m interviewing for is internet-based, so I’ll be able to do the work while I’m 2 hours away at school. My primary mode of communication is email, with texting as a close second, and then Facebook, so I’m feeling fairly confident that if I get the spot, I’ll maintain myself well.

I’ve never done a formal interview before. I’m quite excited. I know nerves will rise as it gets closer, but I’m hoping I’ll remain moderately cool throughout this preparation process.

In other news, my farmboy (aka my boyfriend) took me to see the musical Jersey Boys in Chicago last night. It was the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. Why? It’s not some gadget or toy that I’ll enjoy for a bit and will soon be outdated. It’s an experience. It’s a memory. And it was an amazing night. We even got lost for a little while in China Town, which wasn’t in the plan…but we still got to the parking structure with more than enough time to eat, explore, and go to the theatre.

While in Chicago, we stopped at my favorite art supply store known as Dick Blick (although it generally just goes by Blick now). To make up for getting us lost, and also because he’s just a thoughtful guy, Tim bought me a geeky only-Kelly-would-want-that present. SEE?! Isn’t it FABULOUS?!

I’m so excited about this book. I guess times like this are the ways I can tell I’m studying the right thing…when my design-geek side spills out into everyday life.

The next few days are going to be HECTIC. I have one of those “volunteer” things to finish up, a piece for the Farm Bureau newspaper. It’s due on January 1st. I also have to pack and do laundry so I’ll be ready to head back to school on Sunday. ALSO, I have to finish a painting job that I have going. AND tonight is my best friend’s birthday, so we’re going there for dinner. AND I have to take pictures of every rabbit I plan on selling so that buyers can see what they may be getting.



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