Magical Llamas and Apple Pie

I’m a random person. There is no way around that. I thrive on spontaneous outbursts in public places. In the last few months, in front of large groups of strangers, I have pretended I was a velociraptor, a dragon, a turkey, an astronaut, and a cat. Those who know me will say it’s one of my most endearing and dislikeable qualities. It’s a gift and a burden. It makes for interesting memories and unusual stories. My friends and family all understand the risk of venturing out in public with me.

The short and long of it seems to be that spontaneous ideas and actions can sometimes breed great things, when used correctly.

Obviously, this post has nothing to do with llamas or apple pie (although, a warm, home-made apple pie sounds fabulous in this horrid winter weather). This is about grabbing the light bulb moments of your life and fostering your originality.

First things first, not all ideas are good, but all ideas are worth sharing. At my current job/internship, I’ve stuck around long enough to earn the right to bounce ideas off of people. Find someone who is willing to look at it from another angle.

Learn to cull ideas. If you’re like me, random thoughts buzz in and out of your head, and sometimes it’s difficult to snag the winners before they get swept away like leaves in October. I have a lot of difficulty remembering all my little inspirations, the good and the bad. Don’t let them slip away.

These spur-of-the-moment ideas? Sometimes they’re the best ones. Sometimes they’re the ones that snowball into something fabulous. Not always, but sometimes.

So, don’t be afraid to act like a velociraptor and embarrass your significant other on their college campus where you don’t know anyone. Don’t hesitate to meow when it applies to a joke segwayed perfectly into a cat impression. These types of things, they are what teach you to appreciate your creative juices. They help you create your own brand of originality.

And you know what interns get full-time jobs and plenty of recognition?

Interns with ideas. Good ones. Original ones.

Well, there’s my spontaneous thought for the day. I’m off to go play in the snow.


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