First Interview Jitters

I’ve been unrealistically lucky in my career opportunities thus far. I have never had a formal interview. Either my recommendations were good enough, or the job was so menial, or there were personal ties, that no real interview was required. Even my job here on campus hadn’t involved and interview. So, as I prepared for my interview today, I was swamped with questions.

My emotions occurred in phases. This morning, I was feeling confident. I went to my 8 a.m. lab, did the 15 minutes of work that was required of us, and returned to my dorm room for a nap. Upon waking up, I felt terror. Yup, terror. You know how I forced it into submission? Putting on my “power shoes.” They’re those high-heeled shoes that make you feel invincible. Every girl really ought to have a pair…anyways, I wore them around for a bit, because it’s been a while. On top of that, I’m naturally uncoordinated and I began working out again this week, so my physical awkwardness is compounded by sore muscles.
So then, I felt better. I go about my business of getting ready. I print directions, and writing samples, and I find myself getting nervous. I’m not terrified this time, but nervous. I also realize that I’ve gotten ready way too fast, and now am condemned to sit around and wait until the right time to leave…I ended up doing and re-doing my makeup three times, due my anxious energy.
I still somehow managed to leave a half an hour early. The drive itself was two hours, but I still ended up having to drive around for a good 20 minutes or so. I didn’t want to show up TOO early!
I really hope that I wasn’t overbearingly-cheerful. Smiling and awkward cheerfulness can be side-effects of nervousness for me. I also hope they didn’t think I was trying to fool anyone…my answers were all sincere, but what if my enthusiasm and interview-anxiety looked like a charade? Hmph.
Overall, I’m happy with the interview itself. I’m optimistic, and even if I don’t get the internship, I highly value the experience that the application and interview process brought! I’ll be finding out if I got the spot around Tuesday-ish.
Long story short: first interviews are terrifying. Even if the actual interview isn’t that bad (today’s was actually quite enjoyable), the preceding time is stressful. Long drives give you more time to be nervous. Here’s hoping, regardless of whether or not I get hired, that I did NOT make an ass of myself.

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