I got the best, most exciting, most awesomely-cool-exhilarating email today!

That internship I interviewed for last week? I GOT IT. And now that I’m in, I feel comfortable talked about it. This internship is in Internet communications and social media for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. The responsibilities still aren’t entirely hashed out, but, by the gist of things, I’ll be working either on Facebook, a blog, or both.
The first thing I did after I found out was send a mass text to all of the people who had been rooting for me. Mama, the boyfriend, a few friends…then, I called my agriculture teacher. This guy was my hero senior year of college. We spent a lot of time talking about the future, about my career, my goals, my dreams, my personal problems…
Now, I got to give him the news that 1. I’d gotten an internship in agricultural communications, and 2. I’m going to pursue an independent study grant.
It was nice to hear about sincerely proud he was.
I’m going to cut this short, since Mama wants me to type some blurb for her to send to my hometown’s newspaper. It’s a little embarrassing, having to write the announcement of your own achievements. I do, however, need to settle in and buckle down. The work hasn’t even started yet, and it’s time to get focused.
Take care, everyone! I’m still basking in the glow of my own excitement.

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