Shake It Off…Or Try To

I know I just posted earlier today. It was a nice, light-hearted post about food. I love food. I don’t, however, love difficult co-workers. Or, rather, difficult superiors. Now, I feel I ought to post about this while it’s fresh in my mind.

Consider this a “Learning to Deal with Co-Workers: Part 2.” The difference in the situations is a fairly large one, however. Where the first co-worker was in many ways my equal, the new source of trouble is the vice president of my department. (Also note, the jobs are different. The first post was regarding my job at home, where this post is regarding one of my campus jobs.)
My job at home is unique in that, I’m an “intern” that is pretty much treated as a full-time employee, as far as interaction goes. I’m given freedom, and very, very rarely have “bitch work” tasks. I’ve been spoiled with this first professional experience. I guess I assumed that I’d be treated as an equal in every other job. This particular campus job isn’t like that at all.
Long story short, someone in a position of power exhibited some very poor communication skills. This lack of communication isn’t just an inconvenience; it means that a large portion of my current project has to be redone.
My initial reaction was shock. How could someone in such a position of power make such a lapse? Then, it slowly dawned on me; no one is perfect, and I know enough about his history at the school to understand why he’s a major asset. As frustrated as I am, I have to shake it off. I have to pick up the pieces and fight hard to make sure this project is done for it’s deadline. It also strengthens another lesson I’ve already learned: organization. If it bothers me this much to have poor communication skills and organization interrupt my project…well, I’d hate to ever do this to someone else.
I’ll just have to carry this experience with me. I may be frustrated, I may feel walked-over, but I’ll have to deal with difficult people my entire career. Better to learn how to deal with it now, I suppose.

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