Balance is Key

Now that I have an internship (on top of 2 campus jobs) and mid-terms are approaching, I’m reminded of a key necessity that many people haven’t mastered, including myself: balance.

I’m the kind of person who likes to overload themselves. I love to run, I love being busy. If I’m not, I feel all mopey and unneeded…and nobody likes a mopey, unneeded-feeling Kelly. Long story short, I make myself insanely busy. Aaaaand I love it.
What’s the problem with this?
To put it plainly, insanity. Or burnout. Either or, no one wants to reach that place. It takes a carefully-crafted system of hectic schedules and down time to survive the college/intern lifestyle amidst all the obligations.
You’re trying to stay afloat. You work hard to pay for school (whether you’re a recent graduate or still attending). You put effort into building a professional identity. You should at least try to put a LITTLE bit of effort into keeping yourself alive, functioning, and completely sane.
Don’t ever underestimate the power of sleep, pizza with friends, a nice walk, or a trip to the puppy store. Take care of you. Don’t run yourself down. I’m relearning this lesson now, and it’s more valuable than ever.

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