Standing Up, Fighting Back

Today’s farmers catch a lot of flack. It’s been a running theme on this blog, as well as everywhere else in this great wide world we call “western civilization.” It seems like being anti-agriculture has become quite the fad, led by organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Human Society of the United States (HSUS).

Consider this; HSUS and PETA both tend to run anti-meat or anti-agriculture campaigns; HSUS has had successful escapades in California to hamper the productivity and quality of animal agriculture.
How does this impact corn? If livestock production falls, if more and more farmers go out of business, the demand for feed-corn plummets. This dive in agricultural production wouldn’t just hurt the farm industry. It would hurt everyone. Agriculture is one of the cornerstone industries of the U.S. If it takes too big of a blow, everyone suffers. This includes the same money-mongering folks that attacked animal ag in the first place.
HSUS has definitely had quite the loud and noticeable voice in the matter. Well, new voices are chiming in; voices from the farm. More and more, farmers are standing up for themselves.
This goes back to a previous post, involving empowerment and support. Farmers fight hard to keep their crops and/or animals healthy and productive throughout the year. They care for the Earth as best they can, and provide for their animals in the best ways they know.
So, if you’re a farmer…GOOD FOR YOU. Stick it to ’em. Get the word out on who you are, what you do, and don’t feel bullied. There are many out there who share the same plight as you. And if you’re not a farmer…educate. Correct. Learn. Spread the word, show your support. Hug a farmer. Eat something (anything!). Agriculture needs a voice, and we, the farmers and their supporters, have to be it.

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