Friday Farm Photo #1

To liven things up bit, I’m introducing this new, fun Friday feature: Friday Farm Photo. Initially, the inspiration was from the Fastline Blog’s Farm T-Shirt Friday. I’d much rather take pictures of me wearing my farm t-shirts and sending them to Fastline than actually featuring any t-shirts. That, and I’d hate to be a copy-cat. So, here you have it.
Friday Farm Photo #1

This photo comes to you from Keith Yohnka Farms in Momence, IL. While their professional crops are corn, soybeans, and wheat, they’ve been privately raising and selling quality New Zealand White rabbits for years. These rabbits are used for meat, show, and fur. This litter, born over the winter, will be used as summer show stock and fall meat stock.
I wanted to start on a cute and cuddly note.
Now, it’s up to you guys. I want to see your Friday Farm Photos. Send them my way at or comment on this post with your image URL’s and a backstory for the photo. We want to hear from you, and we want your input.
Thanks, guys! Have a happy Friday and enjoy the weekend (even if you’re one of those hard-working farmers who isn’t allowed days off).

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