Keeping a Positive Perspective

To put it simply, I’m hanging on for dear life. Even after trimming down to one campus job, I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s alright, though; I feel productive. In fact, despite a lot of turbulence in my personal life, I feel more on top of my career now than I ever have.

Now more than ever, I know the value of counting blessings.
I’ve been incredibly lucky as far as my early career goes. I’ve had an incredibly successful internship which is now a seasonal job; I’m in the midst of my second internship, which seems to be going well thus far. For a sophomore in college, that’s pretty great.
Sometimes, when things get too busy or two hectic or just too hard, looking on the bright side is the only real option to keep you moving. So, when you get to that place where you think that there’s never enough time, enough patience, enough energy, or enough talent, take a breath.
Think of what’s going RIGHT.
Chances are, if you’re busy, it means someone thinks you’re worthwhile enough to demand your time.
If you’re stretched out, it’s because you’re reliable enough to be valuable to more than one person or organization.
It can be hard. It can be VERY hard. However, it’s part of this crazy stage of life, this transitionary period where you’re learning how to grow from student to professional, from teenager to adult.
Hang in there. Look on the bright side. Don’t give up. And don’t be ashamed to feel a little fear.

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