Corn and Quarterbacks: Super Bowl XLIV

When you think football, what do you see? Crazy, body-painted fans? Tailgating? The “Big Game?” I bet you don’t think “corn.” Maybe you should.

Think about all the ways corn was a part of Super Bowl XLIV.
One of the largest investors in advertising this year was Frito-Lay, whose Dorito commercials were hit or miss. What is the primary ingredient in Dortios? Think about it…I’ll give you a second. Yup, it’s corn. White corn.
Another big advertising campaign this year? Anheuser-Busch, with their Budweiser and Bud Light products. While Bud isn’t generally marketed as a corn-based beer, the brews DO contain quite a bit of corn.
Denny’s and their screaming chickens had a bit of a corn influence, too. Corn is often a large part of the poultry diet, whether it’s a bird for meat or for laying. Many of the items sold at Denny’s also contain corn products.
(Also note, the runner-ups, the Colts, come from Indiana, which has a successful corn industry. I’m sure without agriculture, the economy of Indiana would suffer greatly, and the Colts would probably be directly influenced by it!)
Think about the numbers. Millions of households in America were enjoying chips and salsa, or Doritos, or corn-dogs, or candy, or soda pop, or beer. Step back and look at your favorite Super Bowl ads, and the food you enjoyed. Thank a farmer, because those hard-working people played a part in keeping your Super Bowl traditions alive.

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