Sour Grapes Over YellowTail?

Recently, [Yellow Tail] Wines committed to donating a hefty sum of money to the Humane Society of the United States. It has a lot of people taking sides, and a lot of consumers finding new favorite brands of wine. It’s a hot topic these days, but what does it have to do with corn?

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) seems to be a big mystery to a lot of people. Their advertising claim they help rescue puppies and kitties, yet only a small percentage of their income actually go to the animals flaunted in their commercials. To make it even clearer, the HSUS has no affiliation with any local chapters of the Humane Society…you know, the people that actually rescue animals. A much larger portion of their millions of dollars goes towards lobbying and pushing legislation to fight “cruelty.” Their views of cruelty are quite extreme, though. These views, in most cases, include most conventional means for animal agriculture.
In fact, in many ways, HSUS is often considered an “anti-agriculture” organization. Anything anti-agriculture is bad for the corn industry, but HSUS has already influenced changes that could hurt the corn industry in the long run.
“Cage-Free Cali” is a reality now. Egg-producers in California must make a mandatory switch to cage-free within the next few years. Not only does this hurt the egg industry and the family farmers who relied on eggs for their income, it will drastically cut the amount of corn going to feed chickens in California. Changes like this are being pushed all over the nation by the HSUS. They want animal agriculture to change entirely, or, according to some, disappear.
Such a large demographic of people are up at arms about this that a Facebook group, Yellow Fail, has emerged to show protest against the company’s animal rights donation.
So, if you love a farmer, or like to eat eggs, or enjoy a good pork chop now and then, or understand economics, you’ll reconsider buying that [Yellow Tail] wine. There are plenty of other options out there, why not have a tasting party to find your new favorite?

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