What Can Pork Do For You?

Apparently, a lot.

According to the President of Argentina’s wife, it improves your sex life…or something along those lines.
To see more information, check out this article.
If this is the case, then, by all means, improve your sex life. Go get ’em tiger.
I feel alright saying that, as controversial as it might be, because a higher demand for pork in America could lead to a stimulation of the crop-growing economy. The more pork people eat, the more farmers produce pork. More pork production means more pigs. More pigs means a higher demand for the things that commercial pigs eat.
If you haven’t made the connection yet, well…yeah, corn is a part of swine nutrition.
With the economy on unsteady ground, pork can be an affordable and healthy protein source. Lean pork can go a long way and can fit into just about any recipes. But since I told you about what Argentina’s First Lady had to say, you’re not really worried about that, are you?
Think of it this way: the corn growers of America want you to get your groove on. Go for it, eat some pork. And thank a farmer! Because the farmers raise the pigs. Farmers also raise the grains that feed the pigs that will end up on your place and possibly make your life a whole lot more exciting!
Doesn’t eating pork sound like a good idea now?

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