"I’m Mike Rowe, and this is my job."

If you’re an average American, you’ve heard that term as least once. If you’re part of a large portion of Americans who follow Dirty Jobs avidly (like myself), then you know it by heart. Mike Rowe travels all over the country trying out the obscure, filthy, unconventional, and/or unpleasant jobs that most people aren’t even willing to think about. No one knows hard work and the meaning of “dirty” quite like Mike does. He’s seen more in a few years of filming his television series than most people will have experienced in a lifetime.

Because of this, Mike Rowe empathizes with working America.
More and more, Mike’s fame takes him travelling around the U.S. as a public speaker and advocate. What does he advocate? Hard work, mud, some animal poo, and dignity.
He’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. He’s shown that over and over again by standing up and supporting agriculture. Many celebrities have fallen short in this sector. (Let’s not discuss the Carrie Underwood debacle.) Mike, however, has no fear.
He firmly asserts that third parties who have never even been on a farm should not have a right to tell farmers how to run theirs. He strongly affirms that some paper-pusher in an animal rights organization’s office on the east or west coast shouldn’t tell a farmer in South Dakota how to raise his animals. He knows that the farmers who grow crops try their hardest to do it in the best interest of the environment and the population.
Mike Rowe knows agriculture. He supports it. And in return, we support him. It’s not every day that some highly-successful celebrity knows how to meaningfully convey opinions over something so controversial. Mike, however, manages to do it. He does it with a smile, an unusual flare, and a deep-rooted respect.
Next time you’re watching Discovery, and you hear, “I’m Mike Rowe, and this is my job,” you don’t change the channel. You turn that television’s volume up and you sit. And you watch, because Mike is one of the few big pop culture celebrities that isn’t afraid to stand up for agriculture.
Watching an hour (or six, if it’s a marathon) of him wading through poo and muck and sludge and grease…well, it’s the least we can do to say thank you.
(For more information on Mike Rowe and how he helps working America, visit his site mikeroweWorks.com)

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