Farm Photo Friday!

With spring quickly approaching, I thought it’d be nice to remember how the winter began. (Badly.) The day before Thanksgiving, when Illinois is often seeing snow, farmers were still struggling to get the corn out. There are still several fields around the state that still have corn standing.

This picture, another from the Kankakee, Illinois area, shows what it’s like to admit defeated. Taken from the inside of a machine shop, looking out, it shows how dismal the final stretch of harvest really was.
Despite what a bad year it was, though, Illinois farmers continue to work hard and persevere. Farmers all over America continue to do more with less, for the benefit of the world.
Instead of looking at this picture and seeing the defeat that comes with being forced out of the field, see the will-power it takes to go back out there once the mud has solidified.
Thanks, farmers. You rock. And here’s hoping this year is significantly different from last.

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