Is SM the Future of Ag Comm?

Social media has, since it’s start in the early 2000’s, been a tool for casual interactions. What began as teenage girls hashing out their drama on the Internet as blossomed into so much more. While social media is still that – social – it seems to bear more professional uses these days, too.

Scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, press releases…hundreds, maybe even thousands, of these all suggest one thing: social media is the communication tool of the future.
After all, in a world where consumers seek information about the products and services they utilize, it makes sense to go where the consumers are. It’s an obvious choice to connect with them where they’d normally be “hanging out” anyways.
Press releases, product launches…these things are all changing in light of social media’s rise. Where companies used to call press conferences and television news spots, they’re using their blogs to announce a new product or service. They’ll use Twitter and Facebook to send traffic to their blog. They’re use Twitter to promote Facebook, and vice-versa. They’ll use all three to direct users to their site. They’ll use their site to aim people towards their online store, or give directions to a local location. They’re encourage people to ask about their services.
It’s a tangled web, but it’s an effective, efficient, highly-useful web.
Internet marketing and retail seems to be the first big industry to strike out on the social media trail. The second notable industrial movement? Farming.
Farmers, farm organizations, farm clubs, farm companies…they’re all out there. They have Facebook fan pages, MySpace profiles, and they’ve gotten quite adept at Tweeting. Just check out our previous post about Twitter and you’ll see what I mean.
It’s not just about communicating within the industry anymore. It’s about drawing others in to understand it better. It’s about efficiency and speed. It’s about up-to-the-minute updates and statuses. If you’re not familiar with any of the tools listed here, research them. You may find it’s your new ticket to information in the farm community.

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