Friday Farm Photo, FFA Week Edition

I’m very proud to be a former FFA member. I have great respect for any organization that can give kids direction and real-life experience as well as FFA can. So, for today, I’ll show you one of the great ways that FFA chapters are getting some publicity.

This picture may raise questions for some people. First off, it’s very colorful. Secondly, it’s beaten up to no end.
That’s because it’s a demolition derby bus. Retired from the task of moving people, it’s been dedicated to the task of entertaining them. The River Valley FFA decorated this bus following their first year of existence, in hopes of raising awareness for their chapter. I don’t believe they won any awards the year this bus was featured. (The next year, the chapter’s bus went on to win both the paint-job design contest AND the demolition derby.)
This bus is a perfect example of the creativity and enthusiasm with which FFA advisors and their students put into getting the good word on ag now.
Have a good weekend, everyone! I hope everyone had a great National FFA Week!

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