Empty Plates May Open Eyes

Everywhere you look, agriculture faces criticism. One of the largest sources of the dissent is the Humane Society of the United States. This group is lobbying in several states to change farm and livestock management laws. They’ve made major progress in California in regards to hurting agricultural production. They’re fighting the formation of Ohio’s Livestock Advisory Board tooth and nail. They have their sights set on Missouri. Wisconsin is another up-and-coming target of the group. The farmers of WI, however, aren’t going to take it.

Recently, an organized effort took place among several ag groups in Wisconsin. The men and women supporting the farming cause dispersed throughout the assembly and senate to deliver empty plates with a clear message. Without farmers, there is no food.

This is a great first strike against a huge threat to Wisconsin farming. This campaign was a great way to defend agriculture in a clear way. They beat HSUS to the punch,
Good job, farmers of Wisconsin! Way to take a creative, intuitive, and respectful approach to a very real risk. Let’s hope has the HSUS focus on other states, farmers continue to band together to stand their ground in a positive way.

One thought on “Empty Plates May Open Eyes

  1. This was a well received event at our state capitol. We had multiple ag groups take part in the effort and visited with each lawmaker or their aids. It was surprising how many did not know who the HSUS was. Many accociated them with thier local shelter. We did find that HSUS does have some unlikely friends too. The HSUS went through the capitol the very next day, they were very careful not to use the name Humane Society of the United States, but rather called themselves the "local" Chapter of the humane society. Are they ashamed of their name?kjh_786 (Kevin Hoyer)

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