Catch-Up and Upcoming Events

This time of year is a busy one for many types of people. The transition from winter to spring is never really smooth (in like a lion, out like a lamb) for the weather or the people trying to survive it. I’m terribly sorry for missing last week’s Friday Farm Photo. I’ll try to make it up to you folks somehow!

With 2010’s Commodity Classic behind, it’s time for many growers to start turning attention homewards for the spring and summer. Local activity is picking up, since it’s harder for many to rove too far from home this time of year. Here are some upcoming Illinois agriculture events:
March 13: Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
April 15: Wholesale Success for the Agricultural Professional Webinar
April 16-17: Sheep Shearing School
June 27-28: Small Farm and Family Expo
(Information for the above events can be found here.)
Throughout the summer, there will also be tours of agriculture facilities sponsored by the University of Illinois, local extensions, and the Illinois Department of Agriculture. (See more information here.)
I’ll keep on the look-out for more upcoming events and continue to post them here as the season progresses. Good luck on your pre-planting preparations, and enjoy what’s left of your free-time before!

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