The Power of Corn

I’ve said before that I’d do more than one post regarding the many products corn is included in. Well, here’s part 2 of the series!

Thing of all the little day-to-day things that you’d be missing without corn.
Deodorizing Powders
Because ground cobs are so absorbant, they’re a common ingredient in odor removal powers.
Kitty Litter
Like with deodorizing powders, kitty litter needs to be absorbant! Thus, why corn play a role in many natural cat litters.
Baby Powders
Again, absorption is a must here.
Doggy-Doo Bags
Corn-based materials make these biodegradable. After all, what your dog does is natural, shouldn’t the bag be, too?
Art Supplies
Many, many adhesives and paints include cornstarch. Thickening agents may also include corn products!
Car De-Icers
Everyone’s seen it used, and most of us have had bad experiences where we haven’t had it. Many of these are corn-based, which is gentle on the car and the environment.
Animal Bedding
Animals large and small can rest comfortably in the many types of bedding created from different parts of the corn plant.
Eco-friendly Golf Tees
Corn-based golf-tees are made to last longer and be more reusable than wooden tees. They’re also renewable. No trees were harmed in the making of these tee’s!
Stain Removers
Corn serves as a base for many stain removers. Other corn-derived products can serve purposes in stain removers, as well.
Bedding and Bed Coverings
Sheets? Comforters? Mattress pads? All of these things can (and have been) made with corn. There’s even a mattress substitute that utilizes corn.
Soaps and Lotions
Hand soaps, shower gels, body lotions, baby lotions…most contain corn. Whether as an active ingredient, thickening agent, or a base, corn plays a valuable role in many of these products!
This is just more proof that corn is all around us! It’s valuable in our everyday life. Corn also plays a huge part in environmentalism, since just about any eco-friendly or bio-degradable good has some sort of corn product involved!
Next time you de-ice your car, lay on your sheets, or wash your hands, think about corn. Chances are, you wouldn’t be doing any of those tasks without it!

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