It’s Friday!

Happy Friday! That means today’s the day for another Farm Photo! Because I missed it last week, I figured I should pull one of my personal favorites to try and make up for it. The cuteness factor plus the meaning behind it will, hopefully, redeem me!

This week’s photo is from my personal stash. The guy wearing the IH shirt is Tim Yohnka, a farmer based out of the Kankakee area of Illinois. His father, grandfather, and him run a corn, soybean, and wheat farm. This picture, taken during the 2008 harvest, has special personal meaning to me, as well as Tim.
The kid is Ryan, my nephew. This was his first time ever driving a tractor. He was two and a half in this picture. We bundled him up and took him out to the farm to visit one of his favorite people in the world, Tim. The combine broke down, so Tim, the auger wagon operator, had some time to spare. He decided it was time to start Ryan in on the tractor a bit young. (Ryan was doing all of the steering; Tim even let him adjust the throttle and shift gears a few times. Open fields are fabulous for entertaining small children.)
Now, a year and a half later at age 4, he still talks about his first tractor driving experience. If you even mention the farm, he goes haywire. To him, “Uncle” Tim is the Tractor Man. Every year for Christmas, Tim has some new Case IH toy under the tree for Ryan. Tim also jokes about how someday when he takes over the farm, Ryan will be his first employee.
So, there you go. A personal Friday Farm Photo and a nice backstory for it. Nothing beats seeing generations interacting…even if it’s a small gesture, like letting a toddler drive incredibly expensive machinery.

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