Be a Sponge

You’re a young professional. You want to become a BETTER young professional. You want to build a strong resume’ and you want to be honest about it. How do you do this?

You become a sponge. A human sponge. A human sponge designed to soak up the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of those around you. The best way to learn is on the job, and usually this is done through others.
For example, I’ve (accidentally) surrounded myself with people who are gifted at the productive use of social media. Many of these folks are the figureheads of the agriculture-social media movement. Some of them are marketers and advertisers who are knee-deep in the communications world every day of their lives. Regardless of how or why I’ve connected with them, they’ve all had things to teach me.
Some have shown me what not to do. More often than not, however, they’re role models. They’re good examples of how to do things right. They, collectively, are the most valuable tool in the Snap-On box of your early career.
Treat every experience as a learning experience. Whether it’s through a screw-up that leaves you a little humiliated, or a success that boosts your ego, they’re all valuable. Every moment can teach you something, and every co-worker is a possible mentor.
With that in mind, I’m heading off to do some research. Some folks on Twitter coughed up some rough info on something of interest. I’m going to soak up what I can! Good luck, fellow sponges!

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