How Do You Tell That Planting is About to Start in Illinois?

(If the video will not load on this page or you would like a large, clearer version, see the YouTube version here.)
First off, I’m sorry for the quality. I’m trying to find the best options for upload on Blogspot. Secondly, I’m sorry for the wind sounds, but I feel they help get the point across. We were having some pretty wicked gusts! (I didn’t get myself almost getting blown over on video, and that I regret.)
This applies to more than just Illinois farmers. In every geographic location of the U.S., there is some sort of adverse condition waiting to upset the balance. Whether it’s extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme wet, extreme dry, extreme wind, or any other extreme, it’s a problem. So, as Illinois crop growers launch into the second-busiest time of year, the weather fights back. The topsoil is rain-soaked, and it’s soggy underneath from recent snow melt. This is a story that repeats itself for the corn farmers of our state.
Thank a farmer, and hope for clear skies, warm weather, and a better spring that we had last year.

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