It’s been a long week behind the scenes for me here, and as my Spring Break winds down I’m looking forward to a return to my “normal” life back at school. Even though Ag Week is over, there’s still plenty to talk about regarding outreach and celebration. Today’s Farm Photo is from another Ag Week event.

Even though the tractors are the wrong color (I’m going to catch flack for saying that) it’s great to see the farm equipment sitting in front of…a castle. Yeah, a castle. This picture is from Agriculture Awareness Day, hosted at Illinois State University! Hosted by ISA NAMA, the Ag Science Club, CFFFA, Illinois Pork Producter, Illinois Corn Growers, and Illinois Soybean Association, this event on Illinois State’s quad drew plenty of attention. (Of course it would. It’s not everyday you see a huge Deere with duelies sitting on the quad.)
It’s great to see people stepping up and stepping out to talk to folks about agriculture. Congrats to all the ISU students and staff/faculty/organization supervisors and volunteers who helped!
(And for the record, Illinois State’s mascot is The Redbirds. Red. Don’t you think some pretty red tractors would match the school a little better next year? Haha!)

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