Just a Farmer.

“You’re just a farmer.” “He’s just a farmer.” “They’re just farmers.” Even, “I’m just a farmer.” There’s so many variations of this same phrase, and it’s always in a negative connotation.
In my eyes, there’s no such thing as “just farmers.” First off, “farmer” is not a blanket term that covers all sects of agriculture. Farming and ranching are two very different things. Every type of commodity, produce, animal, spice, and raw material calls for a unique regimen of care.
These farmers and ranchers aren’t “just farmers.” They’re scientists, stewards, caretakers, economists, accountants, strategists, marketers, executives, laborers, and guardians.
The next time you hear an misinformed individual refer to someone as “just a farmer,” correct them. The farmers and ranchers have realized this negative stereotype, and they’ve learned to accept it. In fact, they own it and make light of it. However, that’s probably not the best approach to the situation.
So, just like you’d correct a non-farmer for saying it, be sure to give any farmers who use that term a good talking to.
Editors Note: Many of you know the farmers I’m talking about. They need to be put back into line now and then, so don’t be shy. đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Just a Farmer.

    • I think you and I both know that the dynamics of the “just a farmer” phrase have changed drastically. I think you also know that I agree with you on this, now.

      I have to say, watching my views change and my mindset adapt through my blog is always and interesting adventure. Thanks for reminding me of this, Mike.

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