Farmers Love Facebook

Why is that?

Because lately, Facebook’s been loving farmers. Or rather, Facebook has served as a great platform for farmers to get the word out on what they do and why. I’ve done a post like this before, but since there were so many great options, I decided to make a mini-series out of this. Here are more great agriculture-related Facebook fan pages!
It’s a gateway to a great site and their relatively new Twitter account. Overall, it’s a meeting place. This page is meant to support and raise awareness for American farmers. There is plenty of great fan interaction. A peak at their website shows the true potential of this group, though. Branding, style, and culture all combine into a great ag-awareness campaign, complete with an online store that has some awesome apparel (the proceeds of which support ongoing Internet comm to raise awareness for farmers).
Note: I was actually scolded after my last post for leaving this one out. It’s a much-loved organization/fan page!

The title is fairly straight-forward, but there is good dialogue and often comment-discussion prompts to encourage user interaction. It’s just an overall friendly place to go to get some casual interaction and material regarding agriculture. It’s fan count has grown since I first stumbled across it, and it’s got some great potential.
Two important facts surround this link: it isn’t actually a fan page, it’s a group, and it’s actually my group. Started just a few days ago, I’m proud to see it growing relatively fast. It’s meant to serve as a spot for college ag folks to meet and swap ideas for generating a positive image for ag. It was just created at the end of last week, so I’m happy to see that its members are starting to get interactive and share ideas and links.
Note: This page isn’t only for college students. We’d love to have input from more experienced agvocates to help keep folks going in the right direction. It’s also great that there are some high school-aged members. College students of the past, present, and future are welcome!

Until I was about 12, my family always had a freezer full of beef because either we raised it ourselves or got it through our beef-producing friends and family. I love beef, so this page makes me happy. Good content and interaction also make this page worth a look. It’s incredibly active and has plenty of fans who keep its Wall loaded with great stuff!
It’s not the most active of pages, but it’s got a friendly atmosphere and the catchy, cheerful name gives it a good first impression. The links and content are always great.
I’m running short on time today, so this is all for now. No worries, there are plenty more ag-related Facebook pages and groups out there! I’ll catch you guys tomorrow, and hopefully the weather is kind to all you farm folk!
By unintentional oversight, I left out probably one of the most pivotal Facebook pages out there. Following the launch of the AgChat Foundation website (seen here), the AgChat Foundation Facebook page is a valuable tool for the foundation to directly interact with the people they seek to help. See the AgChat Foundation’s Facebook page here.

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