Earth Day is Approaching

As we approach Earth Day, it’s important to consider what “conservation” and “green” mean to you. Apparently, many people consider “Earth friendliness” to be synonymous with “ag-bashing.” I, however, don’t see their connection.

After all, a farmer’s welfare depends on the proper stewardship of the land on which they raise their crops. Just like a livestock raiser’s livelihood is only as healthy as his animals, a crop grower’s stability is only as healthy as the land he oversees. This is a bit of common sense that I’d love to share with the whole world, but many don’t listen.
So, this Earth Day, I entreat you all to step out of your comfort zone and stand strong. Don’t let nay-sayers tear you down. Talk to new people about how agriculture can actually help the world. Talk about how farmers and ranchers face more environmental regulation than anyone else out there. Share your passion about proper stewardship.
Earth Day isn’t just for Green Movement folks and foodies. It’s for everyone. It’s our Earth too, let’s celebrate our love for it just as loud as the critics do.

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