We’re Done!

If you’ve been following the #plant10 hashtag on Twitter, you’ll know that farmers and ranchers who are active in social media have been sharing their woes and victories in regards to planting.

Well, as of yesterday, the farm I work on is DONE PLANTING CORN. That means we have about two weeks of down time for repairs, prep, and seed sorting before we turn to soybeans. It’s a huge change from last year, when field time was limited because of massive amounts of unseasonable rain.
This is just one example of the small (and large) successes that farmers get to enjoy each day. Now, the Bossman of the farm gets to turn his attention back to cleaning up the house they’re about to put on the market. (His wife, Bosslady, also says it’s about time he opened the pool.)
All over the country, farmers are in different stages of planting for different crops. Because corn grows in so many different climates, soil types, and geographic types, planting can stretch from mid-March into May. Soil temperatures, wetness, and weather conditions all influence when and how quickly a farmer can plant.
We were fortunate this year to start early and finish early. Now, it’s time to look ahead and plan for soybeans. After the crisis that was last year, optimism is both a necessity and a luxury. Luckily, it’s been bountiful this spring!

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