I bet you guys were expecting a picture! Or better yet, no post at all. Well, to try and make up for multiple missed Friday Farm Photos, I’ve offered you more than that.
I give you video of me, running a Case International 8940 with a soil finisher behind it. I know, tillage is quite the debatable topic. I’ve caught flack for talking about it before. However, in some cases, there isn’t always a choice. Tillage is still quite popular in Illinois because it’s often necessary. This field is heavy clay, but is too wet to grow most clay-friendly crops like wheat. So, tillage of corn stalks adds at least some organic matter to the topsoil. It also helps to warm the soil up enough for planting, since cold soil can “kill” seeds.
I may seem a bit nervous running the soil finisher; that’s mainly because I’ve only ever pulled an auger wagon, and this field is treacherously-hilly. Also, I hadn’t driven a tractor more than a few hundred yards in well over a year. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
So, there you have it. Expect there to be a bit of a heavy video presence for the next few weeks. With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, it’s easy to grab the camera and go.
For those of you who would like the original YouTube link, you can find it here.

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