A Case of the Mondays

Here at college, and at the various non-farming jobs I’ve had over the years (as an office worker, a barister, a cashier, the list goes on) there’s always been this horrible thing that came at the end of every weekend: Monday. I dreaded Mondays. I still do, as a college student. Mondays are often long, groggy, unpleasant reintroductions to the business week.

Granted, I usually end up doing some sort of work on the weekends. Freelance work, volunteer work, farm work…but that doesn’t feel like work.
This weekend, I was reminded as to why most farmers don’t experience the Mondays. First off, for many producers, there’s no such thing as the weekend (unless it means you get help from young’uns who are usually at school during the week). A “weekend” is just another two days during which work needs to be done. Chores can’t wait for Monday, nor can planting, harvest, must-finish maintenance work, or various other odds-and-ends farming tasks that the everyday person couldn’t even begin to imagine.
Besides, for those rare weekends when a break can be has, going back to work on Monday isn’t something to dread. Farmers love what they do (in general) so why dread returning to it? Heck, I know farmers who wake up before the dawn even when they don’t have to. It’s just what they do. It’s what they enjoy.
So, as I sit here, dreading my return to class and work for the week, I’m jealous of the farmers everywhere who have already been working for hours, loving what they’re doing.
Happy Monday, everyone!

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