Here at North Central College, we follow the trimester schedule. We have our first term from mid-September until just before Thanksgiving. We have an optional short term from Thanksgiving until Christmas break called D-term (which I normally opt out of to go home and make money). We have another full-length term from early January until Spring Break in mid-March. Then, our third full-length term is from late March until mid-June.

Each full-length term is 10 weeks long, with three days of finals tacked on the end. So, 10.5 feeks total.
All of the other schools are closing up for the season or start summer classes, and those of us here at North Central are just recovering from mid-terms. Some classes still have mid-terms to take (such as my writing class). Despite the fact that we have another five weeks of class, though, we’re in transition. We’re getting to that place in the year where students are inconspicuously taking home things they won’t be needing anymore. Winter clothes, books they won’t read, appliances they won’t use. (My coffee-maker is going home with me on Friday, and probably won’t be coming back.) Moving back bit-by-bit, weekend-by-weekend, makes the final she-bang less difficult. I’m both dreading and looking forward to moving home. This academic year has been the best and worst of my life. Home is, well…home. There are a million reasons to want to be there. There are a million reasons to want to stay here, too.
This is also symbolic of a bigger transition in life. A friend and I were talking last night after our late-night Wendy’s Value Menu binge about life right now, at this very point in our lives. When do Billy and Lauren grow up to be known as William and Laurie? (It’s easy for those of us whose names are pretty straightforward. Kelly, for example.)
Change can be difficult. Change can be abrupt. But it wasn’t until last night that I realized, truly realized, the slow and ever-ongoing change that’s occurred since I wore my cap and gown in May of 2008.
I’m almost done with my sophomore year of college. In a few weeks, I’ll turn 20, leaving behind teenage-hood altogether. Shortly after, I’ll transition back to my slower-paced life back home. Then, I’ll transition to junior year of college, where the professional “you” is expected to further solidify.
In the spirit of all these changes, I’ve thrown together a slightly more polished, “grown-up” look for Cheap Pizza. Because green pizza is just weird. Cartoon versions of me are cool.

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