My New Favorite Cup

I love tea. And when I’m really in need of a pick-me-up, I’m an avid coffee-drinker. (During the fair when I’d pull 4 a.m. starts every day, coffee was a must.) So I’m a fool for good travel mugs. Well, ever since my trip to the “Women Changing the Face of Agriculture” conference, I’ve had a new travel mug.

It’s green. It’s durable. It’s got a handle. It doesn’t hold the flavors of previous drinks. And, most of all, it’s made of corn. It’s a corn-plastic cup. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Anyways, this cup was given to me by the nice ladies running one of the Monsanto booths. I’ve actually had people ask what the logo on the side of it was. Of course, here in the suburbs where I go to school, telling them that it was a brand of seed-corn got some eye-rolls and
chuckles. People don’t care that it’s a DeKalb cup and that DeKalb is a type of seed-corn sold by Monsanto. However, they do get interested when I say it’s made out of corn.
People don’t realize how valuable corn can be as a petroleum replacement. It’s not just gas that corn product and by-product can be substituted for. It’s just about any petroleum product. And on the flip-side, they’re all biodegradable. A petroleum-plastic cup with live on for eons, while my corn-plastic cup will someday dissolve and break down.
(Luckily for me, it’ll be a long time. However, nowhere near as long as petroleum-plastic!)

Think of at least one plastic thing you use each day. Think about how much petroleum could be saved if that thing were corn-based instead. Now imagine all of the plastic things that could be corn-based. The possibilities are endless…unlike our supply of petroleum.
As the oil wells underground dry up and we start to wonder what we’ll do, at least one thing is sure. Corn is here, and it’s ready to do it’s part!

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