Guess What Day It Is!

Happy Friday!

Planting season is well under way for various crops. The ones I’ve heard talked (and complained) most about have been soybeans and corn. Obviously, these are two pretty huge commodities, so that’s no surprise. Today’s picture comes from my last trip home about two weeks ago.
I’ve posted before about the weight that rain holds for agriculture. Rain, and its timing, can make or break and operation. Well, rain during planting isn’t always the best thing. Well, you can imagine the stress we felt when we were standing outside working on the finishing touches of a bent sprayer boom, when the first drops began to fall. The thunder began to roll. Humidity sunk in, and you could see the rain coming towards us. It’s not that uncommon, really. In Illinois, summer storms happen like this all the time. The sky is an odd color, sometimes gray-green, sometimes gray-yellow, sometimes just plain scary-black, and you see the curtain of rain coming towards you.
Well, we got the equipment that needed to be inside put away, and sat in the shed for a while listening to the rain pounding on the roof. Lucky for us, all of the corn was already in the ground. If I’ve heard correctly from back home, it doesn’t sound like we’ll need any replanting.
The scene of rain coming in isn’t that big of a deal when you’re working on machinery right outside of the shop. It’s another story when you’re in the field.
So, this spring, keep local farmers in your thoughts. They’re working hard, many pulling all-nighters, to make sure that crops get in the ground.

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