The Unknown

Fear is common. Fear is normal. It’s a natural response to help protect us. It can be fairly useful in many situations. It can also be a hindrance. So, what qualifies as a “healthy level” of fear? Fearlessness can be commended, but can also be considered foolish. Cautiousness and cowardliness are separated only by a thin, blurred line.

The future can be terrifying. The great “unknown” that comes after college, after this year, after this term, after this week…it can be pretty scary. Lately, the future has been a pretty hot topic between my boyfriend and I. The idea of talking about “our” future, our collective future as a single entity, is both scary and exciting.
I feel brave enough to talk about that, but the idea of what I’ll do after school is terrifying. I’ll work, obviously. But where? For whom? Doing what? Will I like it? Will I have to bite the bullet and suffer through to build and resume’ and squeak by? Will it tie into my passions? Will I develop new passions to adjust to it?
The unknown can be terrifying. It can be wonderful and exciting and inspiring. It’s supposed to be a little of all those things. The future is unwritten. Plans can be changed in an instant. Flexibility and reactivity can make all the difference.
It’s okay to be a little scared. Every college student should be, when it comes to their future. Confidence, faith, hope, and enthusiasm should help counter that fear. What qualifies as a “healthy level” of fear? That’s based entirely on the individual. The important thing is to never let it stop you from getting what you want.

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