Blogging About Agriculture

I mention fairly often that I go to school in the suburbs. Here, it takes a lot of effort to stay reconnected with agriculture. My normal mode for keeping in touch with my farm girl side is digital communications: texting, phone calls on the cell, and the Internet. It’s not always easy to feel like I know what’s going on. So how do I blog about it? How do I keep Midwestern Gold going when I spend so much time away?

Well, agriculture ties to everything.
Within a foot of me, I figured there are 23 different objects that could contain corn. They may not necessarily contain corn, but it could be used in their production in the future. Corn plastic, corn fiber, corn fuel…just five feet away, my plastic rolling drawer holds my food. Many contain corn. Some even contain animals that ate corn, like chicken and beef.
That’s just corn. I don’t even need to mention the widespread uses of soybean products and byproducts in everyday life. All I have to say is the word “cotton” and about a million different things come to mind. What about products that probably wouldn’t contain agricultural products? The workers who made them, ran the equipment, tested the quality and developed the original design…they all had to eat something. If it weren’t for farmers and ranchers, we’d have nothing, because we’d be too hungry to make anything. Down the line, everything every created by man needed some sort of energy, even if it’s the granola bar that some worker had at break time during a hard day of creating who knows what.
Agriculture is everywhere. For that reason, I can sit in a dorm room in a city that feels a million miles away from a farm…and still find something to write about.
Thoughts like this make me proud to be a part of this world. Hopefully this gets you thinking.

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