Looking Back

I was half-way through a decent post about the livestock-crop connection when suddenly I realized, my time with Midwestern Gold is almost up. It hasn’t been a heavily publicized fact, but this blog is part of an internship with Illinois Corn.

The content is 100% me, so I don’t want anything to think after all these months of reading Midwestern Gold, it was all a lie. I was given free reign and have always posted based on my opinion and feelings at the time. I’m sure the people watching me at the IL Corn office have rolled their eyes more than once when I’ve ignored a suggestion for a post. But, that was the idea of the blog.
Let a young person who knows and loves both agriculture and online communications combine the two and share their views.
I’ve learned a lot from running Midwestern Gold. I’ve made some interesting friends and learned a lot of great new information. This blog has also further verified my career wishes. If I can, I’d like to work in agriculture. My degree may not be in agricultural communications, but someday, I’d like to think I could be a useful part of the ag world.
Now, I’m not done with Midwestern Gold. It’s not closing tomorrow or the day after. It’s going to be given over the experienced and dedicated hands. Someone in the Illinois Corn office with more talent, education, and experience than me will most likely write much better posts with more interesting information. Sometime at the end of May, perhaps the start of June, I’ll be saying goodbye, at least as the full-time blogger.
(I’m sure if I ask real nicely they might let me guest-blog now and then.)
MG has put a lot of things in perspective for me. It’s shown me how large agriculture is on the world scheme and how individualized it is on the home front. Every plant of every row of every acre of every field of every farm is different, and every farmer is different. Every rancher is different. (Oh, I also learned the difference between a farmer and rancher. I think.)
Farmers are feeding the world. I feel so lucky to have gotten this wonderful learning experience. I’m going to miss Midwestern Gold, but overall I’m thankful that I was given the chance to share my perspective. For this little country girl, it’s been the best kind of adventure.
Now that I’m doing being all sentimental and such, I’ll bid you goodnight. I have homework and a social life to attend to, and a Friday Farm Photo to pick out for tomorrow!

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