Rain on the Brain

This time of year, I’m stuck in a bit of a conundrum. I love sunny days like today, although I hate them when I can’t actually enjoy them. Sitting in classrooms and offices makes beautiful weather a bit…teasing. Someone actually text me earlier today to note how gorgeous the weather is, and my exact response was, “It’s mocking me.”

Mike Haley of Ohio and I were going back and forth (via Google Buzz) about our respective weather situations. He’s waiting for sunshine. The selfish college kid in me wishes it were raining, or at least cloudy and gross. I offered to “trade weather” with Mike.
Then, of course, the voice of reason had to come out in the form of Janice Person of Tennessee. Of course, if I had the gloomy weather I wanted (so that the sunshine and mid-70’s temps would stop mocking me) the farmers all over Illinois would be in risk of flooding. Well, duh. My little joke about trading weather with Ohio suddenly seemed a lot less…funny.
I know, I write about rain a lot. I don’t think I could ever write enough about rain! It’s always in the back of a farmer or rancher’s mind. It’s the perfect drying-up weather. Weather like this means the guys back home can finish drilling beans, and I can sit here at school knowing we’re all caught up.
So, while I may not get to enjoy the perfect day that’s sitting outside the windows, laughing at me, I know that all over the area work is getting done. Men and women are manning the tractors to get down to business that it’s been too wet to do.
To top things off, it’s a bit of a race; there’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow, and depending on inches, it could put planting and spraying on the back burner again.
Have a good one, everyone. I’m going to attend to the long day ahead of me and hope that between my various meetings, appointments, and obligations, I can get at least a little time to lay in the sunshine on the quad.
(To find Mike Haley on Twitter, see @FarmerHaley. To find Janice Person, see @JPlovesCOTTON.)

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