Thanks, Farmers!

I’m a workaholic at times. I got out of class early today, and instead of enjoying my extra hour of freedom, I came into work early. In fact, I brought my lunch into work with me. Want to hear about? Good, because you’re going to anyways.

It’s a turkey sandwich. Nothing special. It’s got some lettuce on it, and turkey, and mayonnaise. (The little packet the mayo came in made a point to say it’s REAL mayo.) Oh, and it’s on some sourdough roll-type dealio. It’s delicious.
Well, being a semi-nerd in regards to farming, I sat and thought about all of the products in this one simple little sammich. Wheat, obviously, for the bread. Also, I think bread also calls for milk and eggs, although I’m not sure about the milk. Eggs, I do know. (I’m not much of a baker, so I can’t be certain about the bread as a whole.) Mayo, which is made of eggs and vegetable oil. The lettuce is fairly straight-forward. The turkey is where things get interesting.
Turkey is a meat. Which means it comes from an animal. That animal had to eat things. Now, I’m not a bird person. I like the parrots in the pet stores but most poultry animals terrify me. There’s something about a chicken’s eyes that make them look…blood-thirsty. Oh, and there’s that one time I got chased by a wild turkey in the Ozarks. Anyways, the moral of the story is that I don’t really know much about what a turkey eats.
When I Googled it, the most straight-forward thing I could find was a sight for children 3 to 6 years old. It talked about how when you sit down to eat a turkey, it’s fun to know what the turkey ate before it became your meal. (To some city folks, that might sound morbid. To us farm kids, it’s just common sense. Especially if you ever spent any freezing winter days feeding whatever animal it is you intend to eat.) According to this site, domestic turkeys generally eat a blend of corn, soybeans and wheat with addition vitamins and minerals maintained throughout stages of growth.
So, this one little sandwich was made possible by farmers who raise the following: corn, soybeans, wheat, milk, eggs, turkey, and lettuce. Holy cow. (If you added some ham and/or bacon and roast beef, it’d be a club sandwich. And this blog post would suddenly become a LOT longer.)
Think about it. Think about your meals, however simple they are. This sandwich has four ingredients, but is made possible by the work of many, many different farmers scattered across the U.S. So, all I can really say is, “Thanks, Farmers!” Your endless hard work has made this turkey sandwich taste even better.

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