Happy Friday!

I have a VERY SPECIAL treat for you for today’s Farm Photo! It was sent to my cell phone directly from my very own farmboy, Tim Yohnka. I mean, it covers a very important topic of agriculture. Besides, sometimes, it happens to all of us.
Poo. Yup. It happens to all of us. This poo happens to be very nitrogen-rich rabbit poo that will be added into a compost heap. It will then be used in Bosslady’s personal garden and sometimes given away as gifts. (Yes. People in the country will accept poo as a gift.)
I’ll have you know this poo comes from some pretty special rabbits with some hefty show credentials. This is grand champion rabbit poo.
Waste management is an especially important aspect of farm management. This poo gets put to good use. In fact, most manure is somehow planned into management practices.
So, as you enjoy this picture of rabbit manure in the back of a pickup truck on a rainy day, think about it: poo happens. The big question is how will you (or your farm) deal with it!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Thanks for the laugh on a rainy Friday before I go pick up two extra kiddos (FOUR KIDS!) for the weekend!I'm nuts. And I will likely deal with some poo of my own.

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