Social Media Extravaganza

I have about a million and one half-way ideas for posts. I’ve sat down to write several posts lately only to get halfway through and scrap them. To try and scrap the rut I’ve fallen into, I’m doing a sort of “update” on social media-related things relating to myself and agriculture.

The hand-off that I recently warned about? It’s no longer happening. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that Midwestern Gold ought to keep me as its author. So, for all of you poor saps that read this for some odd reason, you’re stuck with me. This is exciting, and I’ve been ecstatic about keeping Midwestern Gold since I found out a little while ago.
Midwestern Gold was featured on a blog that is quickly growing in popularity. Agriculture Proud is run by my friend Ryan Goodman, who can be found here on Twitter. The idea is to showcase members of the ag community who show their pride and dedication.
Well, Midwestern Gold made the cut and we got featured there. The post was written relatively soon after my announcement of the no-longer-upcoming transition, so it states that there will be a chance in authors. That is no longer happening. I would, however, be thrilled to feature guest writers now and then. Perhaps Ryan or some of my Illinois Corn pals would like to step up to the plate?
Some of you may have heard or seen that I’m planning a social media clinic for local farmers. It’s to be held on July 13th at the Kankakee County Extension Office in Bourbonnais, IL. If you feel like making the trip, let me know. I can get you more information.
Anyways, said program needs a name. Something catchy and relevant but not too obvious or cheesy. It’s easier said than done. I need to get this done relatively soon so that I can get press releases to all the right people.
Curious as to what will happen? Well, I will talk. And our guest speaker will talk. Who is our special guest speaker? Why, it’s the lovely Ray Prock, Jr. If you don’t know who he is, you should. He’s from California. He’s a dairy farmer. He’s awesome, and he knows his stuff when it comes to Internet communications. Check him out on Twitter. If you doubt his ability to use social media, just look at his follower count. It speaks for itself. Needless to say, I’m blessed and honored that he’ll be joining us at the clinic.

I’d like to thank Kankakee County Corn Growers for agreeing to sponsor this initially, and Kankakee County Farm Bureau for hopping on board later on. I’ve had the pleasure of working personally with both groups in the past and am thrilled to be joining them again for this great cause.
Alright. That’s it for the random odds-n-ends update. Maybe if I try real hard I’ll get a “real” post up later today.

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