Friday FLOOD Photos

It’s Friday, which means I should post some sort of picture (or even a video). Well, I have pictures today. They’re farm-related, yes, but they’re actually of the flooded aftermath of a freakishly-violent thunderstorm. As I’ve stated before, Monday (Memorial Day) was my birthday. Our plans got wrecked, but I ended up going out and scouting fields with my farmboy.
In two and a half hours, we got massive amounts of rain. Near my home, gauges said 3.2 inches. Down near the south-most fields, it was much higher than that (we don’t know an exact measurement). Here are some pictures of me and Tim’s flooded field adventure!

We drove through some pretty deep standing water. North-south roads seemed bad at first, but things got pretty sticky later when we turned and tried taking some east-west roads.

This scenic “pond” is actually one of farmboy’s family’s fields. Somewhere under the water, there are baby corn plants.
Things got a little dicey for a while. We had some pretty nasty waterflow over the roads. This temporary river made farmboy more than a little nervous.
Here’s a close-up of the rapids at one side of the crossing in the last picture. Corn debris like stalks and cobs were washed over into this ditch and helped contribute to water build-up on the road.
Amazingly, most of this water has drained off. Unfortunately, storms continue to rake Illinois without mercy, so folks who haven’t been able to finish planting yet are a bit hard-pressed for time and opportunity. Here’s hoping we have a few hot, dry, windy days to get the guys back into the fields to finish off Planting Season 2010 and continue maintenance such as spraying and nutrient application.
Happy weekend, everyone!
For more pictures of the flooding, see here.

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