Friday Farm Photo!

Happy Friday! It’s been horribly busy around these parts, what with both my family and farmboy’s moving to different houses at the end of the summer. It’s a pretty hectic summer! I’ve been making the best of it gathering video, but the pictures have been a little lacking. (I hope to spend some of the weekend editing video, so I can have one up to post next week!)
Anyways, this week’s photo is of yours truly. Actually, it’s of my hands. And a bunny. Knowing how to properly handle what you raise is key in being a good producer. Whether it’s how to properly and safely haul grain or how to lead an agitated steer from one place to another, you’ve got to know your stuff. Even little livestock, like rabbits, have do’s and don’t’s of handling. Here, I’m “bunny whispering” to a 4-week-old New Zealand white. For kits this size, holding up properly on their back is relaxing.

So, next time you’re hauling grain that could feed or fuel the world, or moving pastures, think of me. And my tiny, adorable baby bunny. Because proper handling can be safe, effective AND cute.
(And yes, rabbits ARE livestock. So, shush.)

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