Too Much of a Good Thing

(NOTE: This is partially normal blog post…partially rant about bad weather…enjoy.)

Rain keeps coming up on here, and it’s for a good reason. Rain gives life, and rain takes life away.

A few days ago, I drove past our southernmost field. It was awful. While corn only a few miles away is flourishing, easily reaching my shoulders now, the corn in this field was a sickly lime green color and maybe averaged a foot in height. The leaves were translucent and murky brown water sat over most of the field. My heart broke a little bit.
This is a perfect example of too much of a good thing being a bad thing. Seeing it broke my heart. There’s always a chance that a hot, dry summer could dry things up enough to help it recover, but would the dryness be at the cost of other crops (or even corn fields) that could need that rain later on?
Despite how wet things already are here, there are more storms coming. In fact, there’s a big scary one coming right at us on the radar. Great. I don’t think we’ve had a day straight without rain in…weeks. This isn’t the rainforest. This is the prairie. We’re supposed to average about a storm a week, not a storm a day.
In the last month, we’ve had six or so tornadoes within 20 minutes of my home. Entire rural towns have gotten destroyed. This is the cost we pay for living in a fertile area with regular rainfall. The weather is unpredictable, often dangerous. Rain in Illinois tends to bring it’s nasty friends “wind” and “lightning.”
Yes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. A very bad thing. At least when it comes to Illinois storms.
Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head off to talk to my mother about the possibility of the basement flooding (again). To my Illinois folks, please hang in there and stay safe through this rough, wet, windy, soggy summer.

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