Agvocacy in Action

I’m a whole lot of things. I’m a painter, I’m a girl, I’m a writer, I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m an artist, I’m a girlfriend, I’m a student, I’m a car-owner, I’m a lover of baby animals, I’m a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…but I’m not necessarily an organizer. I guess I can be, if the mood strikes me, but overall I am a doer, not really a planner.

Well, last night, something I’ve been planning for weeks, came together. It happened. And I think it went well. For a while now I’ve been working with the local Corn Grower group, Farm Bureau, and Extension program to put together “Cultivating Communications.” And I am incredibly pleased with the end product.
My gracious, awesome, enjoyable guest speaker, Ray Prock, did a wonderful job of running through some of the why’s and how’s of social media agovocacy.
I don’t know how many of the 12 people who showed up will turn around and start agvocating. I don’t know how many will be joining our wonderful online community and reaching out to folks. I don’t know who even listened that much.
I know our audience had some good questions. I know I enjoyed talking with the folks that showed up. I know I really enjoyed eating dinner with Ray (who had the pleasure of meeting Farmboy and his family). Overall, it was a great experience. I would have loved for more people to show up, but I’m not disappointed by last night, at all.
If even one of those people turn around and join Twitter or Facebook, if one of them seizes an opportunity to talk to someone about ag, Ray and I did our jobs last night. (Ray did most of the work last night. I’m still amazed that I managed to pull it together, being a non-organizer.)
This post is short, and vague. I think most of all, I just needed a place to put my gratitude for everyone that helped pull last night together. I think I wanted to post about how blessed I feel for the fact that Cultivating Communications even happened. So, thank you to everyone. The Kankakee County Corn Growers, the Kankakee County Farm Bureau, the University of Illinois Extension (Kankakee County), and Ray. Thank you to Farmboy for dealing with my minor planning-related panic attacks, as well as my ego-trips when I hit a milestone for planning. Thank you for my AgChat friends for being supportive and interested.
I know, in the large scheme, this little get-together was a small deal. But for someone like me, it’s been a great experience. So, I can’t state my gratitude enough.
Now, I get to enjoy a few days “off” from “big” stuff. I get to relax, spend a few days with only my jobs to stress me out, and act my age.
So, to everyone in the AgChat community, and everyone here in Kankakee County, thanks for being awesome. You’ve all become a pretty huge part of my life, in the best possible way.
(NOTE: Also, BIG thanks to Darin Grimm, Mike Haley, and Janice Person for helping me keep my head on straight through the various stages of stress, panic, planning, efficiency, disorganization, and excitement. To my in-area folks…thank you to Keith, Lisa, Laura, Farmboy/Tim, Chad, and Beth. I don’t know if any of you will read this, but THANK YOU.)

2 thoughts on “Agvocacy in Action

  1. So I'm reading in the High Plains Journal about your blog for the first time & they say next month you're going to give a "crash course in Chicago on using social media for farm advocacy." That's AWESOME!! You wouldn't happen to be recording it & posting on this blog to spread ur message a little further?!?!

  2. Well, the "crash course" already happened (the story was written in June, so the "next month" was actually July) and I did get the first half of it on video. I haven't had time to review it, but my guest speaker did a fabulous job of introducing folks to the wide array of tools.I don't know that video from my program would be majorly beneficial, but if you check out there is an organization that I volunteer with that works on helping farm folks get more involved in social media. I'm also more than happy to help where I can on a more personal level.

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