We’re Moving!

Not literally. But, we do have a new “home.” By that, I mean within the new few days, you won’t be able to access us through http://illinois-corn.blogspot.com anymore. (That link is still currently active for a transition period, but will most likely stop working sometime soon.)

Now, Midwestern Gold officially resides at MidwesternGold.com! This is a huge step for Midwestern Gold, and represents something of a “growing up.” That’s not to say I’ll lose any of my fun or goofy perspective. No, I’ll still be just as silly and shameless as ever before.
During the next few days, my widgets/features here on Midwestern Gold will be a little temperamental. We’re still settling into the new home, so be patient with us!
I’m pretty excited about this, although in the grand scheme it’s relatively small move. Midwestern Gold is very special to me, and seeing how far it’s come from its first post as an internship experiment makes me very proud. So, as Midwestern Gold continues to see improvement and growth, I’ll do my best to continue to post interesting, fun, emotional, diverse, and engaging content.
So, as I wrap this up, I have this question. Please comment in response:
What do you want to see on Midwestern Gold? What do you want to change? What can I do better, or what am I already doing well at? I’m writing for you guys, so I want to hear what you have to say. Do you like the new look? What widgets or features do you think we need? What subjects would YOU like me to post about?
Let me have it!

2 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. I agree! Apparently folks are happy with what's happening, so I'll take the lack of comments as a compliment for now. Thanks so much, I'm having a blast 🙂

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