A Rare View

Saturday evening, Farmboy was changing the oil on his truck.  While we waited for that, we decided to grab some footage for a special side-project I’m working on.  This required climbing to the top of one of the grain bins, him going inside, and yelling stuff at me.

It already sounds like a romantic Saturday evening, doesn’t it?

Well, there were some special moments.  Like, the moment when you turn around and get to see, really see, the area you live in.  I see corn fields every day when I’m home from school.  I drive past them, I work in them during harvest.  Corn fields are common, yes.  But turning around to see the corn lit up with the last of the sunlight, right before dusk, with a fog rolling in from the west?  It’s beautiful.  The video does not do it justice.

My favorite part?  I would have taken it completely for granted.  I had just climbed up to the top of that bin and waited for Farmboy to climb in.  However, he had to go back down and turn on the inside light of the bin, which left me standing up there, and also meant I was standing up there bored and nervous from my occasional fear of heights.

So, thanks, Farmboy, for letting me appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.



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