What the Tweet is SXSW?

Well, you see…

I may be a farm geek.  But I’m just as much a communications geek.  It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I bridged the gap between my roots (ag) and my future (communications).  Since then, I’d say I’ve gotten pretty involved in the progressive use of Internet communications in the agriculture world.  After all, I run a blog and Twitter account completely devoted to agriculture.  I spend a great deal of time volunteering with the AgChat Foundation.  I’m attending a conference in two weeks to better equip myself for online agvocacy.  I’m digging up internship applications and recommendations to try and break further into the professional world of ag comm.

It’s only natural for me to leap at an opportunity to positively represent agriculture.  When I was approached about brainstorming ideas for a major interactive communications conference known as South By Southwest (SXSW), I threw myself into it.

Granted, I was approached by LavaRow founder Nathan T. Wright just a few days before I was leaving for vacation, the same week that proposals were due.  I didn’t have a lot of time to do it, and I had no experience to make sure I did it right.  However, I took the chance.  With the guidance of Nathan, Becky McCray, and some of the media-savvy folks at the AgChat Foundation, my proposal got turned in in the nick of time.  And, it was only natural for my proposal to focus on something which I’m passionate about:  the AgChat Foundation.

Well, the proposal, “Agvocacy 2.0:  Adding a Human Voice to the Farm” made it through initial review.  Now, it’s in the public voting stage.  Now, ACF needs YOU to help it get to SXSW.  Making it onto the agenda for this conference would be a huge step forward for agriculture, and a major milestone in agvocacy’s recognition as a true, valuable cause.

For more information regarding SXSW, how to help, and why this is so important, check out this post on the AgChat Foundation blog.  In a few easy steps, you can play your part in helping the AgChat Foundation work its way towards SXSW!


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