Cultivating Connections – ACFC10

It’s already Thursday.  This week has been a whirlwind for me.  Let me explain:

This week was the AgChat Foundation’s Agvocacy 2.0 Conference.  It.  Was.  FANTASTIC.  It surpassed all of my spazzy college girl dreams in regards to pure, raw AWESOMENESS.  There was some hardcore connectivity going on between folks who have never met in person.  My conference (ACFC10) experience was significantly different than most, however.  I was lucky to have a behind-the-scenes view of the goings-on while I took video for my internship.

I won’t tell so much about the happenings of the conference.  However, I’ll talk about the feelings.  As I stood there in opening session, watching people file through the door and register, I was overwhelmed with excitement at seeing so many great agvocates come together in one place.  They came to learn, to share ideas, to expand their horizons, and re-establish their commitment to the common goal of connecting growers and raisers to eaters and wearers and users.

I worried about awkwardness; would the people I’ve known for over a year, still “feel” the same when we met in person?  Would our relationships within the community grow and prosper, or would the “in-person” experience be disappointing?

There was very little awkwardness, and no disappointment.  I feel, strongly, that the community grew stronger with every minute we spend together at the conference.  What we did this week, as a community, could help agriculture as a whole, in more ways than we could imagine.  Now, a group of even more able and better-equipped agvocates are out there, sharing their stories with refreshed zeal and a taste for the world of technologically-advanced communications.

My other big concern for the conference?  My video.  The one that I’ve had tweets and Facebook status updates and even a blog post about.  The one that just about gave me an ulcer and put me close to a heart attack a few times.  The one that had me tears at one point.  Yeah, that video.

Turns out, my concerns were unfounded.  It was a hit.  I was still ridiculously anxious the ENTIRE TIME it played at the opening sessions, as well as for a while afterwards.  I hate being around when people watch my work, so it was only natural for me to be nervous about it.  Anyways, with the help of Amanda Sollman (@sollmana) and some research assistance from Michele Payn-Knoper (@mpaynknoper) and Darin Grimm (@kansfarmer), the video’s final product is amazing.  Enjoy:

For a larger version of the video, check it out on the AgChat YouTube Channel.


2 thoughts on “Cultivating Connections – ACFC10

  1. Thanks, Leslie! It was definitely a roller-coaster type of project, but the end product is everything I hoped it was. I just hope I did justice to the AgChat Foundation!

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